Let’s Talk Hearts
The Ideas Store, Whitechapel

I am pleased to report that these talks took place although I could not attend because of ill-health. Bit annoying really because I had done quite a lot of work emailing, etc. alongside Jane Bachelor.

Below is a note of the speakers and the subjects of their talks. I have been told by Jane and others that they were well received and all the hard work sending invitations was worthwhile. It was very well attended. 

Speakers for the day were:

Dr Abigail Whitehouse, Academic Clinical Lecturer at the Blizard Institute, Queen Mary, University of London. gave a talk on air pollution and the effects on the heart. Air pollution affects all of us, and particularly if we live in high pollution areas. Both indoor (at home, work, school) and outdoor pollution have health effects. We can do simple things to reduce our pollution exposure .

Julia Ramirez, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow, Queen Mary, University of London – William Harvey Research Institute, whose research field is the analysis of genetic data to predict cardiovascular events. She spoke on "Genetics and the Electrocardiogram to Predict Arrhythmic Risk". The electrocardiogram informs about the condition of our hearts and can predict arrhythmic risk. Genes modulate the correct functioning of our heart .We can use information from the electrocardiogram and the genes together to improve arrhythmic risk prediction and personalised treatment.

The day after this we volunteers were advised to stay home to protect their health…

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