Jun 11, 2018

Elaine Chews Event

St. Bartholomew-the-Great

On this occasion that I attended with a few other patients and a couple of staff from Queen Mary University and the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre we were treated to a talk by Professor Lambiase about the fascinating work he and his team was doing on the heart and the electrical signals he was now able to map using his ‘vest’ and he had some excellent graphics to show us.

For me it was spoilt a little because, through no fault of his own, I could not hear properly a lot of what he was saying. I should have seated myself a little closer to him. The same goes for Elaine Chew unfortunately but we did have the advantage of the programme detailing the subject for us.

Fellow patient Joan and I also had the privilege of reviewing their study on the effect of music on the heart and atrial fibrillation so we were aware of the background to this concert.

The sound problem certainly did not apply to the music. The music was performed by Elaine Chew and to call her maestra of the piano is not sufficient to describe her wonderful performance.

The last piece she played was spellbinding containing as it did the most powerful rendition I have experienced in live performance followed by the most gentle, delicate finale. It made me realise that I had not been to enough live performances and I will make an effort to rectify this.

The event was ended with an acoustic test.

After the performance we introduced ourselves and congratulated and thanked her for her kind invitation to her event.

The staff returned to work afterwards and Joan and I finished a pleasant lunchtime with a very nice cup of tea and a delicious cake – Joan’s treat. My turn next time I think!

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