Jan 15, 2020

Centre for Cancer Prevention PPI
The Wolfson Institute

After a welcome and “housekeeping” information the programme began with a description of our brilliant illuminated mural (behind me in all the pictures on these pages) and it’s story. Then:

Dr Prabhakar Rajan gave a presentation on ‘Treatment Strategies for Low Risk Prostate Cancer’ followed by a question and answer session.

Dr Ivana Sestak and Jessica Adams described plans for  ‘Breast Cancer Prevention Research 2020 the story so far’ again followed by a question and answer session. 

These talks were both interesting and informative and presented very well. I think this was evidenced by the response from the audience who asked many questions and helped make it a lively and engaging event.

This was followed by round-table exercises that were a little hampered by the Q.A. sessions having over-run leaving less time for our discussions. Despite this I think the final explorations of issues were helpful.

It is credit to the team that most of the audience were enjoying their involvement and interested enough to stay for an extra 45 minutes to an hour. I think this speaks for itself. It is a shame that a few people had to leave and miss this interesting and important part of the evening because of prior commitments.

The session ended with our being given documentation that included a list of questions they were hoping to cover and we were asked if we could kindly have a look and answer any that may not have been covered or on which we wished to comment. We were also asked to let them know if we had any comments on the patient information sheet.

It was pleasing to see our group support this event with attendances from the redoubtable Joan, Vernon  — Chair of our Public and Patient Advisory Group — and his charming wife, and of course David Collier.

I came away encouraged by the progress that has been made in study of these two nasty cancers. Clinical Research is so important.

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