Dec 16, 2019

Presentation & Blood Pressure Session

The City of London Police

Upon discussions with Peter Hunt of the City of London Police Anti-Corruption Unit, David Collier and Anne Zak of the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre arranged for a team to take part in this event. I believe that the Chief Superintendent was very excited by the input and enquired whether our team could attend on two occasions, this one and one in January so that the message could be got out to the whole estate.

In attendance from William Harvey were: David Collier, Anne Zak, Mital Patel and Yasmin Choudhury.

Patients were represented by Patrick and me.

The talk ,given by David, incorporated our history, blood pressure and the importance of keeping it under control. Our efforts on the current AIM-HY study were very well received by an audience that consisted of Peter Hunt and other serving police officers who deal with everything from high power fraud to murder. It was pleasing to note that all the attendees went on to have their blood pressure taken.

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