A hectic February 2020
William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

I have attended a couple of planning meetings and have covered reception duties for Andrew on a couple of Mondays in additional to my Friday stints. Poor Andrew had injured his knee and despite manfully trying to make it in found it impossible to manage and was told to stay at home. He, like me, enjoys his volunteer work here.

On the 20th January 2020 I and a number of other patient volunteers had attended the Charterhouse Campus with a view to assisting Dr David Collier in his lecture to 80+ medical students. This was quite an adventure. When we arrived we found the staff outside all sheltering from the rain. There was a fire alarm and the fire brigade were checking everything out before allowing anyone back in.

To cap it off there was an error in timetabling and the lecture had to be re-scheduled. Then of course things have become quite hectic as we see the coronavirus heading our way and I think that this lecture has been put on the back boiler.

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